Friday, August 29, 2008

Obama Gives Brilliant Speech

Rethug. pundit corps out if full with the amazing analysis of:

"It's all lies." Basically, that's it. Nothing Barack said was true. He's a rock star. He can't pay for anything he says he is going to do. In other words, nothing new. Oh, there is the ever tax and spend liberal.... same old lies.

But spoken faster and faster with every minute that passes. It's that old wingnut belief that you can change lies into truth by lying louder and faster.

News from Ben Stein: Obama not the messiah.....just a politician. The crusading-crackpots have yet to weigh in on Larry king, where the Rethugs have been invited to hold forth. (In fairness to King, I think the Dembulb pundits have had their say before I clicked over from MSNBC.)

Even King is seemingly annoyed with some of them.

Obama will make all of us suffer, according to some rethug. congressman. What? You mean as opposed to just 90 % of us? Just those making less than $5 million a year? All of us?

Poor old George. He inherited a nation heading into a recession and it's just gone south from there, what with 9/11 and all of the travails which followed. No fault of George's, of course. Didn't Junior inherit a surplus from Clinton?

Who in hell gave the drunk frat boy and his psychotic side-kick an unlimited credit card?

Everyone who voted for him, especially a second time; along with the willing lenders; China and Saudi Arabia, just to name the big two. Don't get me started on those who are complicit up on the Hill.

From the view I hold, the less well-known citizens of Wingnuttia were shoved at the media, metaphorically, like Nixon shoved his press secretary at them, famously caught on film.

Barack Obama Speaks in Denver: A Nation on the Cusp of Positive Change Read His Remarks

The Nazis, Fascists and Communists were political parties before they became enemies of liberty and mass murderers.

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