Thursday, August 28, 2008

American Corporate News Media

The way they are carrying on about the "Clinton/Obama rift," one would think that all is well and it's business as usual at the DNC.

Hey, it is not business as usual anywhere!!!!

As A nation, we are pretty much finished, unless we dump the corporate empire; easier said than done. Even then, we are in the beginning stages of the worst economic disaster of our history. BushCo have alienated most of our old allies and started the cold war again.

There are clearly war criminals in the White House and other executive agencies, not to mention some right-wing/Neocon think tanks.

All the ACNM can think of or talk about is the rift between the DLCers and the rest of the Democratic Party. Big freakin' deal!

Let both parties fall apart. It's better than the nation going to pieces.

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