Saturday, December 15, 2007

I.U. Online Community Prrimary

Last week we sent out emails and asked our members to vote in both the GOP and Democratic primaries as soon as the last debates were over, just so we could see what the community was thinking. We also asked for reasons.

In the Democratic Race, Edwards won by a landslide, followed by Obama and Clinton, in that order. Edwards: 72%, Obama: 18%, Clinton:10%

In the GOP Race, it was Ron Paul, Romney and Giuliani (most admitting that they want Giuliani because he still has more skeletons in his closet than a grave yard and would be defeated by most any Democrat.

Ron Paul :53%, Romney: 36%, Giuliani: 11%

Most of the reasons given for voting for Edwards is that he seems to the candidate most corporation free. Then there was Clinton fatigue and the Clintons' perceived or real entanglement with corporations, K-street and the Bush family. Most folks thought that Obama wasn't quite ready for 1600 Penn. Ave, though almost everyone liked him.

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The Nazis, Fascists and Communists were political parties before they became enemies of liberty and mass murderers.

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