Friday, December 14, 2007

Alan, The Unhinged, Plays The Fool For The GOP, Again

What was this guy doing in the debates in the first place? Did he just start running?

Kunnich is left out of the Dems' debate and Keyes, the Unhinged, in invited to the GOP debate. Isn't having Keyes there, on the platform, embarrassing for the GOP candidates. He is one of the most hateful nut-cases I have ever seen and can always be counted on to say something so crazy that he can't help but make most of the news.

Hey, maybe that is the reason for his appearance at this late date! Nothing any of the other candidates could possibly say, no matter how, nutty, shocking or scandalous, could top the spewing from Keyes.

This was the last debate before the primaries. They invited Keyes to over-shadow anything stupid they might say.

JOHNSTON, IA - Alan Keyes made himself the story today, which is exactly why he shouldn't have been invited to the debate in the first place. The fact that Keyes will grab at least a portion of the headlines with his unhinged performance, in addition to the fact that no serious blows were landed in the debate, means today's event is unlikely to change a thing.

All the major candidates did well. Romney and Huckabee were both smooth, and Thompson turned in probably his best performance of the year. None of the candidates did anything to hurt themselves, though there were no signature moments (except Fred's quip about Mitt having become a pretty good actor) that will be remembered by the time the sun rises tomorrow.

Funny, I thought Thompson looked like the big old croaking Bull-frog that he is. He was hateful in refusing to answer a yes or no question, from a female questioner. It made him look like a bully and it made me mad. He doesn't seem to get that when he is rude to the press he is being rude to the people. They are asking questions for us. Maybe we should enlighten him.

But they were all overshadowed by Keyes, who continued his sideshow in the spin room after the debate, complaining about the way he was treated by the moderator. But this time he came up against a very hostile press corps. Asked whether he felt he had "marred" the debate, Keyes gave an indignant response about the ruling elites subverting the will of the people.

The day Keyes become the will of the people is the day the U.S.A. becomes just one huge open-air mental institution and should be put on lock-down.

Another reporter said, "don't you feel you were lucky to be invited to this debate in the first place?" Astonishingly, Keyes turned to the reporter and said, "is that a racial question?" It was strange to hear Keyes play the race card, and he dodged when asked about it.

Keyes playing the race card is about as strange as Dick Cheney playing the gay card...oh, that's right, he did that, did he not? Has Keyes ever acknowledged that he is black?

A bit later Mike Huckabee entered and did brief segment on CNN. Huckabee explained the context behind the NY Times Magazine story that has been at the top of the news all day, and said that he went over after the debate and apologized to Romney, telling him that he did not want Romney's faith to be an issue.

(Yeah, right, Mike. You may have gotten away with it, but you and I both know that you sunk Romney for good with that "Jesus is Satan's brother" bit. Geeze, preacher Mike, you seem a little sleazy for a holy man, but we in America should be geting used to that by now, eh?)

Huckabee also said he was pleased with the way the debate turned out because he had expected to see his blood all over the floor of the debate stage this afternoon, but left "without a bandaid." With only 22 days left until caucus day, that might be the biggest story of all.

Probably no Gooper on that stage wanted to go there with you, Mikey. You're more embarrassing than the Unhinged Keyes, himself. Crazy people can be overlooked to some degree by most people, but you claim to be sane.

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