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Sarah Palin: Third Wave

This posting documents the extensive involvement of several of Sarah Palin's churches in the Third Wave Movement, also known as the New Apostolic Reformation, Joel's Army, and Manifest Sons of God. Journalists, bloggers, and others who wish to make use of this information are advised to read the preceding post, Part One in order to understand this movement in context of its history and theology. This movement is cross-denominational and there is no specific denomination that completely embraces it. It has been condemned by the General Council of the Assemblies of God since 1949. Please read the background information first if you do not have previous knowledge about the Third Wave Movement and an understanding of its relationship to Pentecostalism, Fundamentalism, and the larger body of Evangelicalism.

Again, if you are not familiar with the Third Wave, please take time to read this summary in Part One. However, if you are someone who can readily identify Todd Bentley, and know why he is in trouble, you have passed the test. Continue reading.

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Wasilla Assembly of God
Senior Pastor Ed Kalnins

The church is a member of the General Council of Assemblies of God but is involved in numerous Third Wave/Latter Day Rain activities specifically condemned by the General Council of AoG since 1949 and again in 2000. This is the church of Palin's youth. They have posted on their site that she was a member until 2002 and frequently participates in events there including a recent speech for the graduation ceremony of the Master's Commission class. Just below that notice is an advertisement for a prophetic conference at the church to be led by Steve Thompson who oversees prophetic ministry at Morningstar Ministries, one of the internationally best known organizations in the movement. This is a repeat visit for Thompson.

Morningstar is a major force in the Third Wave movement and its founder, Rick Joyner, is a prolific author of Third Wave and Manifest Sons of God theology. You can purchase his books around the world including in Africa and Asia. Morningstar purchased part of Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker's Heritage Park for their headquarters and conference center.
Becky Fischer, whose ministry was featured in the movie Jesus Camp, was a pastor for Morningstar before starting her own ministry and is still featured on the Morningstar Ministries website.

The students of the Master's Commission program have visited Morningstar and feature pictures of the visit on their site. This video is an example of the events that are held at Morningstar. A cell phone anointing can be viewed toward the end of the video. Frances Frangipane has also spoken at the church. He has co-written a number of leading Third Wave books with Joyner and Thompson.

Posted on the site is an upcoming visit by Bishop Thomas Muthee. He is also a repeat visitor to the church. Muthee is featured on the first Transformation video by George Otis of Sentinel Group. See the previous post, Part One for background on the Transformation videos. Muthee's story of saving the village of Kiamba, Kenya by combating a witch is well known in Third Wave groups.

In addition to the Transformation Video, Muthee's story is featured in a book by C. Peter Wagner titled Praying with Power. Wagner has served as the central coordinating figure of the Third Wave movement and heads the International Coalition of Apostles. Wagner's 500 Apostles each have churches and ministries under their authority, some with hundreds or even thousands.

The Master's Commission at Wasilla AoG is an international program that replaces college with religious training grounded in Third Wave ideas. The senior pastor, Ed Kalnins was a graduate of the first year's class in Phoenix, Arizona. The program at Wasilla last for three years and costs $7,900. per year. Students are trained in prophetic gifts, prayers, and intercession. Books by Francis Frangipane and Steve Thompson are included in the curriculm. Other texts for the program are by John Bevere who trained under Benny Hinn ( must watch this video) at Orlando Christian Center.

Juneau Christian Church
Senior Pastor Mike Rose

Palin's church in Juneau is pastored by Mike Rose. Juneau Christian is also listed as a member of the General Conference of Assemblies of God. Mike Rose is a longtime associate of Rodney Howard-Browne, an international leader in the movement. Many credit Rodney Howard-Browne with beginning the manifestation of Holy Laughter worldwide, including handing down the anointing for the Toronto Airport Blessing. He was interviewed by Tom Foreman on CNN in July 2006. In this video he is speaking in tongues with Kenneth Copeland.

The former General Superintendent of the Australian Assemblies of God, Andrew Evans, has written about Mike Rose as an example of someone who has learned how to accommodate manifestations of the Third Wave, such as Holy Laughter, in his own church without disrupting services. The article in Renewal Journal #7, 1996, described Rose as "an advisor of Howard Rodney-Browne's Revival Ministries committee... He informed me that he had sat in on over 110 of Rodney's meetings.."

An additional note about Juneau Christian Center - a Christians United for Israel (CUFI) event is scheduled for Juneau Christian Center but the reference has been scrubbed from Hagee's CUFI site.

The Juneau Christian Center changed its name from Bethel Assembly of God. Recently they have built a new youth center called the HUB for which they applied for $50,000 from the city council and were attempting to get a total of $600,000 in public funds. They presented this as a community center that would be open to all youth.

Church on the Rock, Wasilla
Senior Pastor David Pepper

The youth of Church on the Rock attended The Call, Nashville in July 2007. The Call is a Third Wave/Latter Rain youth movement designed to lead "Joel's Army" in taking dominion over the U.S. for the Kingdom. Lou Engle was also featured in the movie Jesus Camp. He leads the anti-abortion chants and rallies the kids to repeatedly yell `righteous judges.' This video features both Rick Joyner of Morningstar and Lou Engle of The Call explaining their view of the 'Joel's Army' movement. Engle is also founder of the Justice House of Prayer or JHOP.

An additional note on Church on the Rock - Jonathan Walker, Youth Pastor, lists `teaching abstinence in public schools' in his bio.

Wasilla Bible Church
Pastor Larry Kroon

I have not seen a direct connection to the Third Wave. They have had repeat visits by David Brickner, the international leader of Jews for Jesus. Promotional materials for the Liberated Wailing Wall, one of the major performance projects of Jews for Jesus, have included testimony from Larry Kroon, senior pastor of the church. See the ad with Kroon's testimony on page four.

They have also had seminars led by Art Mathias, former head of Alaska Christian Coalition. Mathias is head of Wellspring Ministries and teaches healing, deliverance
from evil spirits, and counseling. Mathias also conducts seminars around the country teaching Hebrew Roots materials.

These are just some examples of the Third Wave Movement at work in several of Sarah Palin's churches. An excellent summary of the dangers of the movement can be found on Southern Poverty Law Center's site This site also includes the answer the first question posed at the beginning of this article. Todd Bentley has now fallen from grace and left the Lakeland Revival but not because of this. Bentley's activities were widely supported by much of the movement leadership including Rick Joyner and C. Peter Wagner. Answer to question two - he has had to leave the Revival because he is getting divorced.

Return to Part One for the history and theology of this movement.

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