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Conspiracy Theory? Oh, Pulleze

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August 31, 2008

Conspiracy Theorist!

By Josh Mitteldorf

The reason that conspiracy theories – any conspiracy theories – are deemed implausible on their face is that they require so much silent loyalty to pull off. “And why hasn’t someone – anyone – come forward to tell this story? Do you mean to tell me there isn’t one honest man close enough to the inside of this thing – no one who would be willing to go public and blow this thing to pieces?”

For four years now, election theft has been in the backwaters of American journalism, while the mainstream press has steered clear of the issue. Same old conspiracy theorists fussin’ and bellyachin’. Neither have the Democratic victims of this fraud been willing to speak out. Al Gore (FL 2000), Max Cleland (GA 2002), and John Kerry (Ohio 2004) have not merely been silent on the issue, they have actively worked to discredit the truth that elections were stolen from them.

Now it really gets weird. Two of Karl Rove’s computer experts have come forward with details about how it was done. Stephen Spoonamore and Michael Connell are lifelong Republicans, and insiders in campaigns going back to George Bush, Sr in 1988.

Here’s a segment from a transcript of Mark Crispin Miller’s recent interview on the Thom Hartmann show:

[Mark]: Spoonamore...a lifelong Republican and erstwhile member of the McCain campaign until he discovered so much about the Republicans’ election fraud that he resigned, and a prominent expert on computer crime. Now two years ago, Thom, this guy gave a long interview to ... the news division of one of the three major networks. It's up online, you know, people can get it at my blog.... It's stunning... This guy has come out and said, and he has documentary evidence to prove this,... that the Bush team has been stealing elections since and including 2000. Spoonamore has named Karl Rove's IT guy...Mike Connell, a fervent Catholic and fanatical pro-lifer who told Spoon that he has helped the Republicans to steal elections to save the babies. I’m not making this up. Whenever Karl Rove wanted something done, he would say to Connell ‘just make it happen’, and this kind of thing has included Florida in 2000, Ohio in 2004, also Don Siegelman’s stolen re-election in Alabama in 2002. Evidence suggests he was involved in the theft of Max Cleland's re-election in Georgia in 2002.

The mystery is what sustains the veil of silence in the ‘liberal media’, including NPR, the New York Times, and even The Nation? And yet more mysterious: Why isn’t this a campaign issue? There is little doubt that millions of votes will be stolen from Obama this November, via a devil’s grabbag of dirty tricks. I know personally election integrity activists who have approached the Obama campaign with solid evidence about elections that have already been stolen from him, and Obama’s staff has rebuffed them.

Now that the perps themselves have come forward, what is keeping the lid on this story? We have no clear answers, but there is indirect evidence of three means that are being used to maintain the silence:

  • * Prominent Democratic insiders are Republican agents in disguise. Bob Frum, James Carville and Donna Brazile are examples.

  • * Group-think is a powerful force. It is difficult to sustain an independent position that is at odds with the underlying reality on which so much public communication is based.

  • * Threats of violence and threats of prosecution. This administration has assassinated opponents (Paul Wellstone, Athan Gibbs, with several other suspicious deaths) and used selective prosecutions (Don Siegelman, Bob Ney, Eliot Spitzer) to end the careers of politicians who threatened their modus operandi.

The valiant few who have been willing to talk about the issue, despite their vulnerability and national prominence, include John Conyers, Stephanie Tubb Jones, Dennis Kucinich, and Cynthia McKinney. Print media that have featured articles on the subject: Rolling Stone, Harper’s Monthly, and In These Times.

I have faith that there remains a core of democracy in the American system, and that the truth will come out in time. When the history of vote theft is laid bare, it will change the landscape of American politics for generations to come.

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Authors Bio: Josh Mitteldorf was educated to be an astrophysicist, and has branched out from there to mathematical modeling in a variety of areas. He has taught mathematics, statistics, and physics at several universities. He is an avid amateur pianist, and father of two adopted Chinese girls. This year, his affiliation is with the University of Arizona, where he studies the evolution of aging.

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