Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sarah Palin: Journalism Major

The information in the article below, sent in by one of our members, focuses on the fact that Sarah Palin transfered something like 5 times before finally graduating with a degree in ....wait for it.... drum roll, please.....JOURNALISM. I'm relatively sure that no one will care much about how many colleges Gov. Palin attended, unless we find out that there was something motivating all those transfers other than 1) Personal reasons, like family illness or 2) that Sarah gets bored easily.

The latter seems highly likely, just from the little we know about her. Of course, that a person who may well be the president is easily bored should concern us. If we are, as we strongly suspect, now under one party rule (by hook or by crook), it should certainly cause red flags to go up.

Nevertheless, I can guarantee the reader that this will not concern the half conscious American electorate. If she can keep her mind on the task long enough to shoot a moose, she's alright with the distracted, deceived, delusional or just simply exhausted American voter. She cares far more about American fetuses than she does about children born into poverty anywhere, Iraqi or Afghan fetuses (the victims of carpet bombing, shock and awe and depleted uranium) or for the planet, itself, which supports all life, including fetuses, babies, toddlers, grade-schoolers, High schoolers, college students, parents and grandparents.

No, it will not occur to the average American voter that we have just gone through the nightmare of rule by the distracted and bored frat boy, George W. Bush.

However, not even this is the subject we find appalling. Rather it is the fact that this journalism major is being made to or has decided to shun all journalistic contact, perhaps for the duration of the campaign, thus shunning the voters, themselves.

What the hell or they hiding now?

POKANE, Wash. - Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin attended five colleges in six years before graduating from the University of Idaho in 1987.

Federal privacy laws prohibit the schools from disclosing her grades, and none of the schools contacted by The Associated Press could say why she transferred. There was no indication any of them were contacted as part of the background investigation of Palin by presidential candidate John McCain's campaign.

"Our office was not contacted by anyone," said Tania Thompson, spokeswoman for the University of Idaho in Moscow.

Palin, the governor of Alaska, was born in Idaho. Her family moved when she was only a few months old to Alaska, where she was raised.

She began college at Hawaii Pacific University, a private, nonsectarian school in Honolulu. She attended only as a freshman during the fall of 1982, school spokeswoman Crystale Lopez said.

Then known as Sarah Louise Heath, she was in the business administration program as a full-time student, Lopez said.

"We're trying to track down someone who knew her," Lopez added.

From Hawaii Pacific, Palin transferred to North Idaho College, a two-year school in Coeur d'Alene, about 30 miles east of Spokane. She attended the college as a general studies major for two semesters, in spring 1983 and fall 1983, spokeswoman Stacy Hudson said.

"We were not able to track down club affiliations or anything," Hudson said.

The school identified one of her professors but he did not remember her, Hudson said.

Prior to her selection by McCain, the North Idaho College Alumni Association notified Palin in June she would be the recipient of its 2008-2009 Distinguished Alumni of the Year Award.

From North Idaho College, Palin transferred 70 miles south to the University of Idaho, the state's flagship institution. She majored in journalism with an emphasis in broadcast news. She attended Idaho, whose mascot is the Vandals, from fall 1984 to spring 1985.

She then returned to Alaska to attend Matanuska-Susitna College in Palmer in fall 1985.

Then she returned to Idaho, for spring 1986, fall 1986 and spring 1987, when she graduated. Despite her journalism degree, she does not appear to have worked for the college newspaper or campus television station, school officials said. She worked briefly as a sportscaster for KTUU in Anchorage after she graduated college.

The McCain campaign did not have an immediate comment on Palin's higher education record.

In a recent interview with the school's alumni magazine, before her selection to run on the GOP ticket, she explained that her curiosity and love of writing made journalism a natural choice.

"I was always asking everyone the questions, and I still am today," Palin told the magazine.

The University of Idaho is taking advantage of Palin's nomination. A prominent photograph of her is featured on the school's Web site.

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The Nazis, Fascists and Communists were political parties before they became enemies of liberty and mass murderers.


Emanuel McCray said...

It seems to me the media will have to abandon Senator Obama and support one of their own; particularly if it appears she will become Vice President and even President. Imagine being a journalist covering another journalist's rise to President of the U.S. It only takes a few weeks to wake up and smell the rose. Sarah, by this background alone, is among the propagandists. This is why she does so well. What's your angle? Emanuel.ttp://

Pelican693 said...

The vast majority of journalists are not crusading-crackpot, Christian fundamentalists. The fundies provide the votes while the corporatists provide the big bucks.

We're taking bets on how long it will take the fundies to realize that they are being used....cynically and the GOP.