Sunday, September 7, 2008

The last Week in Amurka

Is there no hope left for this country? We ask a very serious question.

I'm not talking about the American corporate empire. Who gives a tinker's damn about that, except that it go the hell away, ASAP, and leave those of us who are anti-imperialists alone, along with our guys and gals in uniform. I'm talking about those brave young lads and lassies who signed up to protect and defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic and find themselves in an endless war for corporate empire.

Don't they deserve better? Don't we?

Other than Rudy's speech, clearly identifying the enemy as "Islamo-fascists," a term offensive to Muslims everywhere and to me, personally, as the enemy of America (actually of the GOP), one would have thought that the real threat to America, as clearly identified at the GOP nasty-fest, are liberals, progressives, Democrats and anyone else who sees through them and their policies for just what they are.

Sarah Palin is a disgrace to women in particular and Americans in general. John McCain has shown his senile cynicism in selecting her in a fit of pique after being told that Right-wing heads would explode if he chose LIEberman as his running-mate.

I'm sure Democrats everywhere were ecstatic at the thought of getting rid of Lieberman in such a way.

We, independents, would be happy to get him the hell out of our column anyway, anyhow.

Hey, Joe, why not just register as a Likud and be done with it?

Perhaps the Democrats will want to keep you for reasons I shall never understand, but we, independents, don't want you with us, no way, no how!

The only feeling I got from watching the GOP nasty-fest is nausea.

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