Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Joe Wilson Is On The Clinton team, It Seems

Joe doesn't believe that Obama's judgment can be all that well reflected in a 2002 speech in a re-election campaign in a very liberal district where saying anything else would have been political suicide.

Besides, as we have heard from Senator Clinton say hundreds of time by now, a speech in the Illinois state senate is miles from having to make the choice as a U.S. senator.

I totally buy that. There is a world of difference.

But here is what I can't swallow when it comes to Hillary's war vote. Was it not the Chairman of the Intelligence Committee, or maybe it was the Armed Services Committee, who handed her the NIE and told her that she had better read it. (I assume he meant the fine print) I assume that because anyone who did read it got a sense of something strange....not quite right.) Excuse the expression if there are any Danish Readers out there, but something was clearly rotten in Denmark.

When I heard this, my jaw hit the floor! What was really going on with you Hillary? You couldn't read one page (that in itself, suspicious)? You knew damn well what was coming and you voted for it. I can't find a way to see it any other way.

Sen. Clinton did not read that N.I.E nor the fine print before she voted on a resolution that gave George W Bush and Dick Cheney permission to preemptively bomb the hell out of an oil rich country, invade and occupy it for no good or moral reason. The N.I.E. was thrown together only at the insistence of Congress and it was a piece of page long.

Say what?

We're talking about war here, Sen. Clinton. You used to be against senseless war, based on lies and fabrications, or so the story goes.

Everyone knows that Congress-critters don't read every piece of legislation they may vote for or against. They are often briefed by aides as you said you were. But this is a matter of lives and deaths. This is a war resolution!

I can understand what you meant when you said that having been in the W.H. and the president's wife, you would want the president to have the flexibility and the power to do what he needed to do to protect America or get bin Laden. But there was an amendment that would have given Bush all the flexibility and power without giving him a blank check. You wouldn't back or sign off on this very sensible amendment.

Your husband ran against Poppy. You guys had the know on the Bush family; the good, the bad and the very ugly. Surely you knew what kind of person Junior is. You had to know about the NeoCon plan for The New American Century, because they tried to sell it to your husband.

At one point, you said you had other people to talk to and get advice about Iraq. I imagine you meant that you were consulting with old Clintonites. But you should have been listening to that committee chairman who told you to read the g_damned N.I.E.

I know I would have read it, not once, but several times before I signed the death warrants of millions of people.

The Nazis, Fascists and Communists were political parties before they became enemies of liberty and mass murderers.

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