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Pandora's Box and Little George

While understanding just how the author of this article feels, we have to disagree. Admittedly, marches and protests are a huge waste of time, unless we have the numbers to close down DC

However, it is high time for civil disobedience and non-cooperation. These can be done quietly and without very much leadership at all and they can bring down an empire. Just ask the Brits.

Opening Pandora's Box: When the Neocons Attack Iran

Silence Dogood, September 30th, 2007

George W. Bush is going to attack Iran. The results will be the contemporary equivalent of Pandora, ignoring warnings from the Gods, opening her box. By lifting the lid she had unleashed evil and misery upon the world. Indeed, not if, but when the Bush administration attacks Iran, it will result in cataclysmic global consequences.

Despite the coming calamity, sane people won't be wasting much time trying to impede the Neoconservative march to war with Iran. Why not? First, let us, the American people, start by begging for forgiveness. We need to beg forgiveness from the Iraqi people, the Iranian people, the people of the entire Middle East and the people of the world - everyone that has been and all who will soon be forced to endure the suffering inflicted upon them by the United States government.

People want to argue about whether Mister Bush's Iraq war has "only" killed 70,000 or the more commonly agreed upon, one-million-plus innocent Iraqis. How morbid and twisted the United States has become. The American people were rightfully outraged when 2,500 countrymen were senselessly murdered, but we shrug with indifference and argue over the total number killed when it is us -- and we are our government -- that decides to engage in an orgy of murder and mayhem. That's pathetic and for ALL OF IT, we ought to beg the world's forgiveness.

Yet, ugly and horrid as an attack on Iran will be and as disastrous as the consequences of that war most certainly will be, intelligent people won't waste much time trying to fight the Neocons over their latest idiotic lust for war. If the Iraq War has taught people anything, it is that once this nation's politicians (and this includes the feckless and worthless Democrats) decide that they want a war; what you think, or what I think, or what anybody other than the Neocons, the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) and the Israeli lobby (AIPAC) thinks, just doesn't matter. When these maniacs and war-profiteering greed merchants decide that they want a war - they get it and, too, it'll only end when they want it to end.

How many Americans want a war with Iran? Not very many! Just the FOX News crowd and that's about it. But Mister Bush, his Neocons, and Joe Lieberman have decided that they want another war. And they'll get it with or without the consent of the people. When it comes to war -- when they want it or when they want to 'surge' instead of withdraw -- they 'surge' and give you and me the big FU!

How much time and space should be wasted in fighting against a war that most Americans don't want but that the 'Loyal Bushies', the Neocons, AIPAC, and Lieberman do want to have? How about zero to none! How about letting these assholes complete their little game of "F@*! the World" and get it over with. Because they won't stop trying until their mission of stupidity and ignorance is complete. The sooner they do it, the sooner it'll end.

They want to open Pandora's Box? Let 'em and don't bother wasting time trying to stop 'em - because the truth is that nobody can. Some things like the Republican economic policies that led to the Great Depression, have to run their course - the pain must be felt and endured before meaningful change is possible.

George W. Bush is going to war with Iran. It'll be disastrous - very much like what happened when Pandora ignored the Gods' warnings and opened her box. Sadly, begging the world's forgiveness for what has been and what will be, there is nothing anybody can do to stop the maniacs.

Wait a minute, you say, "We can protest and march on Washington, DC!"

Yeah, that'll make a difference - because the Bush Administration, Congressional Republicans, the intrepid Democrats, the Neocons, AIPAC, AEI, and Joe Lieberman really give a goddamn about the Will of the people, right?

The grim reality is that sometimes, some things need to run their natural course. Sometimes, before people can comprehend the enormity of their ignorance and stupidity, they need to open Pandora's Box and experience for themselves, the evil and misery that they have unleashed upon others. Unfortunately for the world, the American people have a hard lesson to learn. Sadly, it is a lesson that the globe's innocent are doomed to endure.

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The Nazis, Fascists and Communists were political parties before they became enemies of liberty and mass murderers.

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