Sunday, September 30, 2007

David Letterman: President Numbnuts

Every time Junior opens his mouth to describe our latest enemy, he sounds as if he is describing himself.

Letterman: It's kind of hard to tell Iran, US presidents apart

09/28/2007 @ 8:20 am

Filed by Mike Aivaz and Muriel Kane

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David Letterman on Thursday announced a segment on "George Bush vs. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad," promising also that each joke "will be punctuated with a ridiculous sound effect."

Along with celebrity gags and jokes playing off the Iranian president's popular image as a bloodthirsty tyrant, some of the more interesting comparisons were:

"Ahmadinejad: Member of the Islamic Society of Engineers. Bush: Member of the Chuck Norris fan club."

"Ahmadinejad: Speaks in broken, hard-to-understand English. Bush: Speaks in broken, hard-to-understand English."

"Ahmadinejad: Holocaust denier. Bush: Global warning denier."

And finally, "Ahmadinejad: Underlings refer to him as President of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Bush: Underlings refer to him as 'President Numbnuts.'"

The following video is from CBS's Late Show with David Letterman, broadcast on September 27, 2007

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