Thursday, April 23, 2009

Oh, Suh-nap......Hillary!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

VIDEO-- Hillary Clinton: "I don't consider Cheney a reliable source." Oh, suh-nap!

By GottaLaff
Oh, suh-nap!

Hillary caused a little damage to the Nation of Dick
Looks like he just got owned by a girlie:
I am watching SOS Hillary Clinton's testimony to the House Foreign Affairs committee on whereupon some Republican congressman (Dana Rohrabacher) asked about the wisdom in releasing the torture memos, and went on to quote Dick Cheney's statement to Fox News that torture works to keep us safe. He continued with Cheney's claim that there are memos that show that torture techniques work. Hillary abruptly cut the congressman saying acerbically:
"It won't surprise you that I don't consider Dick Cheney a particularly reliable source...I believe we ought to get to the bottom of this"
[...] It shut up the guy instantly.
Here are a couple of bonus quotes, this time regarding The Marxist Commie Handshake between President Obama and Hugo Chavez:
She just right now knocked away all that silly huffing and puffing about "handshake-gate." She described the book gift-giving incident as a case of Hugo Chavez camera hogging, including the way he deliberately positioned the book cover so that the title would catch the camera lens. She said:
I found it all amusing...President Obama was right; why should we be afraid of shaking somebody's hand...Iran is seeking influence in our hemisphere...we buy their (Venezuela) oil...let's see if we can turn some of this (animosity) around... [laughter]
To another "concerned Republican" about the Hugo Chavez handshake, she just said:
8 years of isolation hasn't worked. We've isolated him (Hugo Chavez), so he's gone elsewhere. He's a sociable guy, so he's found the sorts of friends we don't like. Eight years of isolation hasn't worked so let's try something else.

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