Friday, November 28, 2008

Guerra Reveals Evidence On Cheney

Wednesday , November 26, 2008 Posted: 07:14 PM

Guerra unveils why his investigation led him to the Vice President

WILLACY COUNTY - District Attorney Juan Guerra says his investigation took him all the way to the top, to the Vice President of the United States. He showed NEWSCHANNEL 5 records that he says could be used to prove Dick Cheney is guilty of criminal activity.

The charges against the Vice President stem from the Willacy State Jail in Raymondville and from the inmate, Gregorio De La Rosa, Jr., who was killed there by a fellow inmate in 2001. Guerra says that the elected officials let the jail get away with murder so that they can keep making money.

"Greed will get you discovered and arrested every time, and that's what happened to Cheney," Guerra said.

Guerra says he went through Cheney's financial records and the prison companies' financial records and found the connection. The three top prison companies Guerra researched were Corrections Corporation of America, GEO Group and Cornell. Those three have the Vanguard Group in common, which is an investment company that puts money into all three prison companies.

"We knew Vanguard was the key," said Guerra.

Guerra showed us the Vice President's financial disclosure from last year and it shows he owned shares in the Vanguard Group. Guerra estimates Cheney has $85 million invested in Vanguard and in turn, into the prison companies.

"The problem you have is he now has a direct interest," said Guerra. And according to Guerra, it's a direct interest in making sure the prison companies stay in business.

In Cheney's indictment, Guerra wrote that "no government officials made efforts to properly investigate the death of Gregorio De La Rosa, Jr.," he says that was due to the "money being made by...government officials."

Guerra claims Cheney put a stop to the De La Rosa investigation in 2006. He claims that Cheney is simply looking the other way while inmates across the country are dying in private prisons which is why Cheney is charged with engaging in organized criminal activity.

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