Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Shuster Nails McCain Economic Advisor

These people, the Goopers, actually live in a reality all their own.

SHUSTER: Joining us now John McCain's chief economic adviser. Douglas Holtz-Eakin, John McCain said over the weekend that he wasn't phoning it in, that would get lawmakers to get support this, Republicans. What happened?

HOLTZ-EAKIN: Well, David, today Barack Obama failed the American people. what should have been a --

SHUSTER: Whoa, specifically, how did they fail them?

HOLTZ-EAKIN: At every point when John McCain came and tried to put together a negotiating process with all parties at the table --

SHUSTER: Whoa, back up a sec. You said today. How was John McCain involved in negotiations today? If you can't answer that specifically, how did the democrats fail them today?

HOLTZ-EAKIN: Today, Speaker Pelosi delivered an incendiary partisan speech at a moment when bipartisanship was needed to prevail. John McCain put together a process where the Republicans were at the table. At every point in that process as he tried to develop --

(In other words, Pelosi told the truth about the fascist Gooper policies!)

SHUSTER: Let's take your first point, Doug. So you're saying, fair enough, partisan speech. fair enough. That would also then mean that republicans today put their own feelings, their own hurt feelings about partisanship, ahead of the good of the country. right?

HOLTZ-EAKIN: Look, John McCain worked the phones today. He worked the phones every day. He's visited with members of the Republican party. This was a tough vote. A week ago they were excluded from the process. There was no deal. Taxpayers weren't protected. He moved the bill to match the principles they wanted. They really were counting on some Democratic participation in that.

SHUSTER: Doug, if he was moving it as much as you said, why was John McCain nowhere to be found on Saturday night? I mean, he was off having dinner with the Liebermans, which is fine, but up on Capitol Hill you have the House Republicans, the Democrats, Secretary Paulson eating pizza out of boxes in the Speaker's office negotiating until 1:00 in the morning. Where was John McCain on Saturday night?

HOLTZ-EAKIN: Let us be very clear that John McCain understands that had he looked like he would have been the key to the success, the Democrats would have attacked him and killed the deal. That's what you saw today. They were not going to let McCain do the job that he was trying to do, deliver a bill to help the American people. The American people will lose as a result of this. John McCain understood if he had kept a low profile, talked to members of Congress as he did, called those members who were reluctant, he did his job and doing it with the low profile necessary.

(What B.S.! McCain is not the president yet. He is a candidate. He isn't even part of the leadership in Congress, nor a member of any of the committees involved in the financial crisis. So, what the hell was he even doing in D.C., claiming to be America's economic savior when he knows little about the subject? Trying to save his campaign, I suspect, and his own party made him look like a fool)

SHUSTER: Where was the low profile last Thursday, Doug, when John McCain decided he needed to suspend his campaign and go to a meeting at the White House? Where was the low profile then?

HOLTZ-EAKIN: Beginning last Tuesday, Harry Reid said Republicans needed to be in on this. John McCain needed to deliver votes. Speaker Pelosi said continuously she was not going to deliver Democratic votes. Republicans had to do it first. John McCain suspended his campaign to get relief for the American families.

(That's not what she said. She said that any rescue of Wall Street, proposed by the Republican administration, would have to be a shared responsibility on the Hill. In other words, the Democrats don't entirely trust the Bush administration. Who does.?)

SHUSTER: Right back to the original point.

HOLTZ-EAKIN: Yes, we are.

SHUSTER: No, no. Wait a second.

HOLTZ-EAKIN: We are back to the Democrats once again sabotaging a bipartisan effort to help the American families.

SHUSTER: You said he was there to deliver Republican votes. The fact of the matter is, he did not.

HOLTZ-EAKIN: He took process from dead in the water to a vote in the House of Representatives this morning. absolutely dead in the water, no hope whatsoever, a bill everyone condemned. This morning we had a vote only because of John McCain. That vote could have been successful, but the Democrats behaved poorly. That's too bad.

SHUSTER: Because the Democrats' poor behavior, because Republicans got their feelings hurt, that's why this vote blew up, right?

HOLTZ-EAKIN: This is a serious matter that should have been conducted in a serious bipartisan fashion. That's not what we saw at many points in this process. The Democrats displayed no commitment. Where was Barack Obama today? If you look at what he said, he was praising the passage of the bill. Bill didn't pass.

SHUSTER: He was supporting it and you issued a statement saying he wasn't supporting it. Doug, first of all, before we go, only about 20 seconds, what does John McCain think we ought to do next?

HOLTZ-EAKIN: He's going to land and you'll hear from him. He's in Iowa right now. Tune in.

SHUSTER: Douglas Holtz-Eakin, economic advisor for the McCain campaign, thanks for coming on.

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