Sunday, March 16, 2008

It's No Longer A Matter of What We Can Do To Stop It?

Received an email from another I.U. friend.

Her main concern was the resignation of Admiral Fallon, what it means and how impeachment is the only thing that will save us from WWIII. Good point in ordinary times, but these are not ordinary times. If impeachment is the only thing that will save us, we are all goners, because there will be no impeachment, no trial in the Senate and there will never be any accountability for the war criminals in the White House unless it is brought about by the people.

What do you think the chances of that are? My guess would be slim and none. It never occurs to average Americans, that as a Democracy (or so we are billed), we are responsible for the action of our government, unlike the citizens of, say, Iraq, who were under the heavy boot of a dictator, yet they were not spared when BushCo decided to shock and awe its way into Baghdad.

Perhaps it depends on how many people have lost their houses, lost their jobs, are without healthcare, have awakened to their own personal nightmares and realized the national one we all share, unless we are part of the the happy family on Wall Street or are corporate officers of corporate America's war profiteers, and who and what caused it our national nightmare.

One has to wonder, what it's going to take for Americans to really rise up and say, NO MORE! Replace the crooks in congress, every damn one of them, I don't give a damn whether they are Republicans, Democrats, Likuds, Nazis, Communists, whatever. replace them all and make damn sure that the person you're electing knows that we have had all we are going to take and if he or she isn't prepared to take some drastic measures, for the good of the ordinary people of America (which by it's very definition includes the Iraqi people, since Iraq is clearly our 51st state, now, and has managed to rack up more ear marks than Ted Stevens and Bob Byrd could ever imagine), don't even bother making the move to D.C, because if you go up there and have commerce with the real whores in D.C., the corporate lobbyists, instead of listening to "us, the people," we won't wait for the next election to run you out of town and we will burn K-street to the damn ground while we're at it.

We've seen what happens when the heads of corporate America are allowed to write policy:

Energy policy, for example: Kyoto is out, global warming/climate change is an evil myth made up by Al Gore because he lost the election which, by the way, he didn't. Never-ending war in the middle east to control and help deplete the oil supply, making the policy writers rich beyond anyone's wildest dreams.

How shocking! That's what happens when you allow people with a vested interest to make policy and law.

It is the people who are changing things now, not the government.

Admittedly, it sure as hell took a long time The people are buying Priuses faster than Toyota can make them and other hybrids. People who live in small towns are buying scooters and golf carts. I bought a scooter for my small town travel needs (86 miles to the gallon and environment friendly. I may need to fill it up next Christmas.) and I'm looking for a way to convert my Jeep Cherokee to diesel, since I can't afford to trade it, and I' not buying anything I can't afford to pay for in cash and I have friends who are learning how to use cooking oil for diesel. I only use it for trips into the city and necessary travel. I may have to fill it up three times a year, unless I have to travel out of town for any reason.

I want to see the oil companies get a kick in the solar plexus. Doesn't everybody? Well, Americans, make it happen. Change your fuel consumptions habits, ASAP.

It can be fun! I can attest to that. I'm 59 and am in remission from squamous cell carcinoma and am jetting around the island on a Honda metropolitan. One might ask, given that the type of cancer I have, why I give a damn about any of this. There are generations coming, long after I'm gone. Don't they deserve a chance? Being given a bad prognosis is no excuse for not caring about my beloved country and its ordinary folks. I can love my country and despise mt government. It's easy. I've been doing it for years, on and off.

Of course, I realize that that scooting around the island where I live may not seem like sound like much fun to a wealthy guy who already has three gas guzzlers, a Harley and a big ass boat, but it can for poor people and there are more of us than there are them. Furthermore, demand that your city or county leaders make laws that give right of way to small, environmentally friendly vehicles. That's the only way to get rid of the urban assault vehicles like the ones I encounter daily, so those of us who see the writing on the wall and give a damn about our environment and the robber barons of energy can feel a bit safer as we ride on our scooters, bicycles and in our golf carts, not to mention the much smaller cars that are coming out soon.

Can we prevent Bush and Cheney from nuking Iran and starting WWIII? No, we can't. Certainly not by impeachment.

Unless the people are ready to actually over-throw this illegitimate administration and a congress who are, apparently, either in on the war crimes and crimes against the constitution or who are scared stiff of BushCo.

But the people will have to be ready to suffer, because they will, if they take on this government. It's not the soldiers in Iraq who are really fighting for freedom and Democracy, it will be the people, right here on the ground, in America who will either fight the good fight or not.

It's up to us.

Are we really the scared, yellow-bellied cowards that the Bushites, other Rethugs and some Democrats think we are; so scared of some religious fanatic in a cave somewhere that we will watch our constitution shredded and not lift a finger, just to keep from wearing a burka (like anyone actually would)?

Much to the chagrin of some of my liberal friends, we are an armed-to-the-teeth people. Why should we be so scared of some nut case and his deluded followers. Are they all going to come here, invade us? With what man's Navy? Spectacular terrorist events? Not unless they are allowed in, while warning after warning after warning and red-flag intelligence is ignored by the White House.

I don't doubt that there are people out there who would really like to do Americans harm, especially after the last 5 years. But the Americans they want to hurt the most, are to be found on Wall Street, indicative of corporate America and in D.C.. I won't sacrifice my rights for them. They got themselves into this mess, or as my grandmother would say, they made their bed, let them lie in it.

Seems both our corporations (and I use the word, "our," very loosely) and our government have been misbehaving, to say the least, all over the planet for quite some time. Want to know why they hate some of us? Just do a few searches. Start with Bhopal, There are sites which are devoted to keeping up with corporate misbehavior. Give them a read. They aren't making this stuff up.

When it comes to the government, well, it's easy to list the horrors for which it has been responsible, and they have been committed by administrations of both Democrats and Republicans. The Nuking of Hiroshima and Nagasaki was done by the Truman administration, even though Truman was being briefed that Japan was collapsing. There was no excuse for it, except to attempt to scare the pants off Joe Stalin. Mission accomplished. The Soviets just got their own atomic bomb and we were off to the races; for the moon and the militarization of space.

Thanks a lot, Harry!

But the military-industrial-complex was elated and the tax payers should have been cringing but they were too busy looking under their beds for commies and building bomb shelters that wouldn't have protected them from a nuclear cracker ball.

I know very well that there are some Americans who don't give a hoot what happens to anyone but themselves and their immediate family and believe that the USA is so strong that we can do any damn thing we please to just about anyone in that third world place, without consequences. They are living in the past. We have been weakened in just about every way imaginable since the 2000 election.

We might be able to commit the ultimate shock and awe in Tehran, as my friend is afraid will happen; the nuclear kind. But how will that really change anything except for putting more radiation in the environment for us all to enjoy, not to mention rid the world of god knows how many Iranians, 99.999999% of whom are just ordinary Joes (or Ahmeds or Mohammeds) trying to get a good education, find a good job, have a family and be able to give their kids the basics, perhaps a bit more, if they are lucky. Do I approve of everything their government does. Hell no. Not anymore than I approve of what our government has done. I don't approve of any government that has a human rights record like Iran does. Gay men shouldn't be hung, but I will tell you this, there are people right here in our own country that believe they should be and if they took over the government, gays and a number of other people would be executed. We are just one religious coup away from being Iran.

So what good would come of attacking Iran when such an act could very well set off a nuclear holocaust during which the USA would be target Making oil in short supply for China? Is that real bright, since China now owns us? Such an act may make Saudi Arabia and Israel happy, but who cares? Certainly not I.

Thanks to BushCo. we have horrendous problems over here, in our own country. As far as I'm concerned, everyone else should be on their own. It's time for the USA to pull back and begin to find solutions for our own mounting problems and leave the rest of the world alone.

I have been talking to ordinary people in quite a few countries in so-called enemy territory; you know all Arab/and or Muslim countries since around Dec., 2001. I wanted to hear directly from them about 9/11, because what my own government was saying wasn't making any sense and it still doesn't. What they said did make sense, especially after I spent some time reviewing the history of the world since WWI; not the history that's taught in American schools.

Do you know how brainwashed you are?

There are Muslims in Pakistan who know that there are many Americans who live in horrendous poverty. Other Muslims also know that many, many Americans live in abject poverty and that knowledge doesn't endear the American government to them and they don't understand it. How can a nation so wealthy care so little for so many of its citizens? Most of the Arab world was shocked by Katrina and the way the Bush administration handled it and is still handling it. They always ask about the people of NOLA when they email or chat with me. It's almost as if they have something deeply in common with them. They probably have more in common with the people of New Orleans than Bush and his ilk does.

Ordinary, every -day citizens from other nations, in what we humiliatingly refer to as the Third World, (I think I must have missed the Second World because I am clueless as to who they are.) want the same things we want, except that they also want our government to stop propping up sociopathic dictators in their own countries until it becomes inconvenient for whatever administration we elect (or don't elect but that has grabbed power anyway), when they can expect to be bombed to smithereens just to get the one guy, a guy they all despise, but don't want to die for.

Does anyone really believe that the women of Iraq grieve any less for their sons, daughters and husbands who have been killed by shock and awe and tortured by our military than the ones who were tortured and killed by Saddam and his insane sons?

Just ask yourself, how would you feel if it were you? If we were bombed, invaded and occupied by another power, would we fight back? What about a coup from within? Would we fight it? Apparently not, because that's already happened.

The Nazis, Fascists and Communists were political parties before they became enemies of liberty and mass murderers.

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