Thursday, March 27, 2008

Big Brother In The Sky or Government As God

I was just reading a Pdf article ( ) regarding spy satellites that have, until now, been used for spying on foreign countries, I hope for defensive purposes only, and not for corporate use. That is of concern, today, or it certainly should be of concern to citizens as well as the corporations, themselves, with government and corporations so closely intertwined that the majority of Telecoms welcomed the government to use them to spy on Americans and anyone else whose emails or phone calls are trafficked through the U.S., even though they knew it was illegal. (Only Quest refused until congress was asked and did change the law. Quest and its CEO were punished in every way one could think of short of Guantanamo, by use of government agencies; the IRS, etc.)

How very Nixonian!

Spy satellites have also been used on U.S. soil for such things as taking pictures of a place just after a disaster, so that "helping agencies" can see what roads are washed out, for example, where certain building are located, like schools, where people may have gathered for shelter. Satellite info. is used by the Department of Agriculture to asses crop damage and the like, after hurricanes, floods along the Mississippi and other large rivers and, of course, drought.
However, spy satellites have never been turned, so to speak, on the American people and used as a law enforcement tool, which could have terrible ramifications for what's left of the constitution; there are privacy issues, posse comitatus, 4th amendment issues (hard to type that and not laugh out loud, as the 4th amendment went out the window with Reagan's War On Drugs).

Now, the Bushites want just that; the freedom to use satellites, that we pay for, to spy on us and feed information to local law enforcement. They want the satellites under the auspices of DHS. Can this get anymore Orwellian? Actually, not even George O. himself could have imagined this.

The spy satellites we are talking about are billed as having technology and spying power that would make Google Earth and other such public programs seem ancient in comparison. This must be the technology we have heard can read a car's tag in Paris. They can do it in NYC as well.
Some might say that it doesn't matter to them because they aren't breaking the law. O.k, I can buy that, at first glance, but only at first glance.

We all probably break a law or two at least once every day of our lives. I know I have no idea what all the laws of this country are and what they prohibit or demand. I don't believe anyone does; no, not even attorneys. (There are way too many laws in this country.)

Also, what if the law should suddenly change, so drastically that it shocks and scares the hell out of you? For example, the suspension of the constitution and the declaration of martial Law, let's say at 3:00 am. Black Humvees, with highly armed black clad men standing with AK47s through the large sunroof, and other military utility vehicles with odd looking equipment on top. are patrolling your neighborhood when you awaken. You are being told, over a speaker system in the vehicles, that you should remain in your homes unless you are a first responder.

In that case you may leave for work as long as you have your ID showing that you are a fireman, policeman, work at a hospital or clinic, whatever. You are effectively cut off from your family and friends, the members of which, live all around the country or across town, as all civilian communication is blocked.

Only TeeVee stations that carry disaster or warning information will have information from the government. Maybe that will be the only station available for days on end. Those of us who need to go to work, will be allowed to do so, after one or two days of complete lock-down. Our fellow employees will have no more information than we do. After work, you will be told to go straight home; no happy hour for you; no contact with friends even for the comfort of opinion sharing. Schools will be closed.

Now, just sit with that for a moment. Feel it! What's that that's piercing your heart like cold steel? Could it be terror? What's that feeling in the pit of your stomach? Might you toss your cookies, or will stomach cramps just set in for a few days? Did you believe that your brain could ever reach the amount of Hz it is reaching now? It is literally whirling, trying to understand and figure what's best to do, for the sake of your family and yourself. Only one thing seems certain. You are on your own.

The information channel says there have been several terrorist events around the country. Have there really been terrorist events? With all you now know, can you really trust this?

TeeVee News is off the air.

The attacksy have been of different natures; a small nuclear event, several bio-attacks in Air Travel hubs, and several chemical attacks. No more information can be given for national security reasons. Of course, the attacks were carried out by al Qaeda, maybe even al Qaeda in Iraq. Seems we will believe anything.

Do any of you gun guys plan on running to fetch your small arsenal. Don't bother. You will only need one use on yourself, if for some reason your name is on a list somewhere, slap-happily compiled as was the terrorist watch list and the no-fly list, and Bushes private special forces have come to relocate you and maybe your entire family to a "detainment camp." (google is your friend). DHS and Blackwater are not. (Remember Katrina? That wasn't just a big ass hurricane, it was a message from your government. Don't count on us. The only answer we have to any problem is the military.

Is there really anything more frightening than falling into the hands of your own government, especially when it is in a state of war and habeas corpus has been deep-sixed.

What if the government shares information with the corporations, with which it is so intertwined, like insurance companies, for example?

Perhaps the government spy satellites can be made to watch every move you and your family make for a month, without your knowledge, of course. Car insurance people would certainly be interested in whether or not you or any member of your family are aggressive drivers, if you routinely drive over the speed limit in a 35 MPH speed zone where accidents are frequent or consistently speed on the highways. Remember that your teen-aged son is being scrutinized as well. Need I say more. That insurance company won't insure you. You will be referred to an insurance company that charges ungodly monthly payments.
What about standing up for your rights before you have zero left and you are living in a capitalist police state that will make the Soviet Union look like child's play?

* But here's a thought. Do we really have this kind of technology? If so, why in hell could we not find Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden? Why could we not pinpoint the exact locations of WMD caches in Iraq, supposedly easily spotted by these satellites, (other than the fact that there were none, of course).

Congress Critters on the intelligence committees know what we've got and what it can do. Why wouldn't they have asked for the satellite shots before they signed off on this illegal, unjust, freakin' war? Why was it necessary to kill millions of people, maim a few million more and destroy the lives of so many people here, in Iraq and in Afghanistan?

Oh. Do we still have that law against assassinating leaders of other nations; that nuisance of a law that I doubt administrations have obeyed in the first place, but makes a great excuse for all out war, with all of its glorious chaos and fog, during which all kinds of crime can be committed and unthinkable profits can be made by the very corporations who got those no-bid contracts for Iraq, Afghanistan and, yes, even New Orleans. (Make that
unspeakable profits, as well.) Of course, some corporate financial records are available for scrutiny in the public record. How much are some of these jackasses making off the books? How many millions have just disappeared in Iraq by now?

The truth is out there. But I doubt we will ever be privy to any of it.

The Nazis, Fascists and Communists were political parties before they became enemies of liberty and mass murderers.

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