Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Having been at the hospital almost all day for an outpatient procedure, I flopped on the couch and flipped on the TeeVee, my usual response to those all-day-at-the-hospital days; the old flop and flip. The procedure did not require chemistry-altering medications, so I feel free to do a little commentary on the first thing I witnessed when Wolfe Blitzer appeared with a video of Hillary Clinton waving a piece paper, screaming "Shame on you Barack Obama, shame on you....blah, blah...you need to start running the campaign you said you would run (or something like that) that is what I expect from you...blah...blah," all in the most aggravating voice I have heard since I was subjected to nasty old school-marms, who believed that shame was right up there with fear in convincing the class clown to behave in an appropriate way.

Anyone with a dimes worth of common sense, let alone one semester of developmental psychology knows better than that. But that's neither here nor there with Hillary and her full-grown "student," who happens to be a Junior Senator in the U.S. Senate, just as she is.

Suddenly, I knew for sure why so many people can't stand her and why she would cause a right-wing white man (and probably quite a few on the left) to climb out of the grave to vote against her, plus a surprising number of other people; people who normally show more signs of mental health than to even consider voting for John McCain.

I've had my theories from time to time, when the subject comes up but I've never been sure. What is it about Hillary?

She's too smart? Uh uh, I don't think so. The woman has major, muscular neuronal networks, but that's not the problem, at least it isn't the main problem. No one wants a stupid president. Not now. We've seen what happens when that happens (or what happens when one has an agenda; an agenda the American don't know about and if they did, could not force themselves to believe a President (or Vice president and half the cabinet, for that matter, could possibly have.)

She's a woman, period. No way. Perhaps some blood-red-necks and, yes, black men do feel that way, and even some women, but the majority of white guys and black guys and women I know, do not feel that way, and I live in the deep south. (Admittedly I don't have many politically intimate conversations with white male conservatives)

Frankly, I couldn't understand why anyone hated her as pathologically as....say...Tucker Carlson, Karl Rove and others. I know now! Why? Because I just felt what they must feel, if even for a second. FURIOUS!!!!

People don't like being shamed.

It is a deeply hurtful thing and such an important feeling that if it occurs during a certain time period and over a period of time in a child's life; a child's psycho-social development, it can cause life-long problems for the child and, unfortunately, others who may come into contact with him.

Of course, no one has to worry about Barack's state of mind. He is a grown man and had wonderful women around him as he grew to be an awesome man.

What Hillary attempted to do today, publicly, to Obama was done to her husband by some really ugly Republicans (several of whom were guilty of the same kind of behavior and/or worse than he was guilty of) and that is exactly why he had the poll numbers he had at the height of his impeachment trial. It wasn't just the hypocrisy of his tormentors, it was their attempts to shame him.

Did Clinton have it coming to him, for lying in American faces, shaking his finger and stating, in no uncertain terms, that he did not have sexual relations with "that woman?" No, he did not.
He deserved what he got from Hillary and I feel sure that was comparable to the fires of hell. That should have been the end of it.

I never believed him in the first place. The guy had a history. He was under major pressure in his political game of chicken with Newt. The government was not open for business. Shit was happening.

If she honestly believed him innocent of the Monica accusation, again her judgment needs to be questioned. He was her husband, not mine and not the spouse of any of those pathetic House Managers as they ceremoniously marched across to the Senate, appearing so ridiculous to the world, to publicly shame a president of the United States and more importantly, a human being, for all of us, human beings, to see.

We saw it. We didn't like it. We still don't. Whether we had believed him or not, we didn't much care by that time. That's where the Rethugs made their big mistake. We might have all bene ready to toss our cookies about what he did but, nevertheless, the constitution was not about to be the victim of spontaneous combustion. The flag wasn't gonna fall.

Oh well, it did distract us all from the possibly...probably unpleasantness of Osama's war on America. I can barely remember that time now, when all we had to be concerned about was Bill Clinton's sex life.

I'm not a Clinton fan, anymore, (I voted for him in 1992 but not again.) However, I would have voted him in 2000, for a third term, just to cram him down the collective throat of those self-righteous, womanizing, hypocritical creeps who persecuted, prosecuted and, yes, attempted to shame Bill Clinton from almost the day he took office.

I would have far rather had Clinton/Gore in the W.H. on 9/11/01. What makes me really nauseous is that I don't think there would have ever been "a 9/11" if Gore had won.

(If Blitzer says one more word about that freakin' photo of Obama in Africa, wearing African garb, I think I may scream. Shut the hell up, Wolfe. You've asked every reporter east of the Mississippi River what they think about it. Now we know. Does anyone really care? You only show your own ignorance, Wolf, when you don't seem to understand that most African-Americans wear native garb if they are fortunate to make the trip back to their native land)

When will Hillary Clinton learn that the "school marm thing" doesn't work with any of us. It not only doesn't work, it makes me cringe and I'm not alone!

With those three words, you lost this election for sure: "Shame on you."

"I'm so honored to be on this stage with Barack Obama...."

"Shame on you, Barack Obama."

Which is it, Hillary?

Maybe we will all find out in Ohio; isn't that the place for high noon, at the debate? Didn't you call him out? Something tells me you're going to regret that, but it won't matter, because you've already lost the election.

Shame on you, Hillary Clinton.

As I have said to friends many times; yes, I would love to see a woman in the White House in my lifetime. But not this one.

The Nazis, Fascists and Communists were political parties before they became enemies of liberty and mass murderers.

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