Saturday, November 17, 2007

Sonic Blasters Used For Crowd Control In Georgia

Not in Georgia, U.S., however these not deadly, but highly dangerous weapons have been used twice, to our knowledge, in the U.S. (read on)

Georgia Police Turns Sonic Blaster on Demonstrators

By Noah Shachtman EmailNovember 15, 2007 | 11:43:14 AM

Categories: Lasers and Ray Guns, Less-lethal

There's more evidence that the Saakashvili regime in Georgia is using sound weapons against opposition protestors. This English-language footage from Russia Today shows riot police rolling through the streets of Tblisi in pickup trucks, small dishes in hand. A high frequency pulse follows. "Georgian police used an acoustic gun -- it's a non-lethal weapon that disorients people for a period of time," says one "special weapons expert."

"Similar such guns are also used by the Iraq police," the Russia Today piece claims. That, I'm not so sure about. But the sonic systems -- which can also be used as a long-range "hailer," projecting sound far, far away -- have been tested out by American troops in Iraq. They were employed by the New York Police Department during the last Republican National Convention -- and by military police during Hurricane Katrina. A cruise ship even used a sonic blast to ward off Somali pirates in '05.

(So, protesters get the same treatment as pirates? Talk about values being all screwed up! Everyone knows that in the true definition of pirate, pirates are murdering thieves. Protesters these days, for the very most part, are about as peaceful and non-violent as it gets?

Reader TM points out that short-range versions of the same technology can be bought online -- for as little as $898 a pop.

Oh Gawd, that's all we need! A bunch of freepers running around with sonic blasters, that when used inappropriately, we have been alerted, can burst ear drums, leaving the unfortunate protester deaf as a post, for the rest of his/her life.

I doubt seriously that such a person would be eligible for Disability payments, if the blaster is used by the authorities

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