Monday, November 26, 2007

Bush Blackmails Congress

Bush blackmails Congress and threatens to fire civilian military workers

by Mary Shaw | Nov 23 2007 - 8:43am |

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Congress has been trying to tie conditions to further Iraq funding -- conditions like a withdrawal timeline. But the White House must have its way -- open-ended war for all of the foreseeable future.

So now the Bush administration is threatening to lay off 100,000 civilian workers at military bases in mid-December if it doesn't get its war money.

Merry f'ing Christmas.

These are the civilian workers who make their living by supporting our troops and their families. And Bush is holding them hostage for war money.

What a way to support the troops, George.

Of course, if it comes to that, Bush will blame it all on Congress. It will be Congress's fault that these people lost their jobs. Because Congress, according to Bush, does not support the troops.

According to Bush, the only way to support the troops is to keep funneling money into his senseless war, so that more of our troops can be killed or injured and he can go down in history as a war president.

God bless America.

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