Sunday, October 7, 2007

Raise Some Hell About This Veto

The White House would have us believe that expanding s-chip would be economically irresponsible because the expanded health care program for children would help people making $80,000/year.

What they don't say is that it is costing people quite a bit more to live these fays. The cost of fuel as skyrocketed, causing everything else to cost more, especially everything that comes from corn, since the dumb asses in D.C. think that ethanol is the answer to our fossil fuel addictions.

Try raising two or three kids on $80,000/year with the cost of living going up, up, up with no end in sight, no health insurance, education costing more every year and credit cards maxed out along with your home equity.

Better be prepared to teach your kids many, many lessons on the value of a dollar, even while that value slides into oblivion. Hey, maybe that's not such a bad idea. I don't see that happening much anymore. When the last Great Depression hit, my father and uncle had to drop out of middle school (or so it is called now) to keep his family from losing their house. My father learned the hard way.

Just last week, I heard two people discussing the market. Neither of them are really in the investor class. They are involved in the market because they have 401Ks or some other pension scheme that is dependent on the market.

One said to the other: "Another depression like the Great Depression is not possible anymore. The fed s set up to prevent it.?"

My jaw hit the floor. I normally don't interrupt a conversation at a neighboring table, even if the conversation is loud enough to make not eavesdropping impossible, but this was just too much.

The Fed can make it less likely, providing there isn't an idiot in the White House who thinks he can run a war and lower taxes at the same time. I'm afraid that the Fed is helpless against the idiocy of George W Bush and Company and a congress who is apparently scared stiff of them. All the Fed can do is kick the can down the road, because Junior's chics are going to come home to roost and when they do, we will be worse off than a third world country.

But vetoing children's health care money will only make it worse, not better, for Mr. Bush when the torches and pitchforks come out.

This Veto Will Not Be Quiet

This morning, President Bush stood for bad government, insurance companies, cheaper tobacco and vetoed expanding the State Children's Health Insurance Program to cover 10 million kids. and

In the words of the White House, the plan was to "veto it quietly," so not to draw attention to such an unpopular act.

The latest poll from ABC and the Washington Post says 72% of Americans support expanding kids' health insurance by increasing tobacco taxes. Republican voters support expansion nearly as much as Democratic voters. The House members whom Bush is counting on to sustain his veto do not want to do it under a white hot spotlight.

Too bad. This veto will not be quiet.

An override vote won't happen for at least a week, but the time to contact your House member is now.

Let them know you expect them to stand with kids and for good government, not with Bush and bad government.

And keep letting them know.

UPDATE: announces "On Thursday, October 4, local parents and kids will hold a 'Rally For Our Children’s Health' in front of over 200 congressional offices around the nation."

And a new FamiliesUSA video drives the point home.

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