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Crusading -Crackpots Reject Rudy G

Wanna Stop Hillary? Vote Ron Paul in the primary, if you live in a Red State?

Purple or Blue? Vote Edwards!

I know independents who would crawl over hot coals to vote for Paul v. Hillary

Several thousand Christian conservative voters rebuffed an olive branch from Republican White House hopeful Rudolph Giuliani Saturday, over his support for abortion rights.

The former New York mayor tops Republican national polls in the quickening 2008 race, but was unable to win over a cross-section of a crucial party voting bloc at a huge "Values Voter" conference in Washington.

In a presidential candidate straw poll of 5,775 evangelical voters at the meeting and online, former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney came out on top, narrowly ahead of former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee.

Giuliani trailed in eighth, with just 1.85 percent of the vote, despite earlier telling the conference 10 weeks before the first Republican party nominating contest "you have absolutely nothing to fear from me."

The result highlighted doubts over whether Giuliani, revered as a US hero for his role in steadying New York after the September 11 attacks in 2001, can win the Republican nomination due to his liberal social record.

(I have always wondered how hard it is to calm people who re already in deep shock?)

"I am not going to pretend to you I can be all things to all people," thrice married Giuliani, who also has a record of supporting gay rights, earlier told the conference.

"You know we have some areas of disagreement, but I believe we have many many, more areas of agreement," Giuliani said, in an candid speech.

"The one thing you can count on with me is, I will always be honest with you," said Giuliani, who said he would work to cut the number of abortions and boost adoptions if elected president.

But Tony Perkins, President of the Family Research Council, which organized the conference, said he could not vote for Giuliani, even if he was nominated as the Republican presidential candidate.

"I will not vote for a pro-abortion rights candidate," Perkins said.

Romney, who leads opinion surveys in the key strategic states of Iowa and New Hampshire, won the straw poll with 1,595 votes, 30 ahead of Huckabee, a baptist minister and favorite of social conservatives.

Long-shot Republican libertarian candidate Ron Paul was third with 865 votes and Fred Thompson, the actor and former senator who has tried to step into the role of standard bearer for conservatives came a disappointing fourth.

Though not a scientific survey, the poll highlighted Giuliani's tough task in wooing the "religious right" as it revealed 'values voters' two primary concerns were opposing abortion and same sex marriage.

These people are so damned ridiculous. So, how does one do battle with loons? Fight with more intense pathology and ludicrousness, and do it on their side.

Yes, that's what I said. Get on their side. Wait, don't punch out your monitor, yet. Read On....

They do not want gays to be allowed to be married. While anyone with three neurons firing knows that this has nothing to do with the federal government, it is the federal government's business to see that the laws that provide for equal, civil rights be upheld to the fullest extent. CIVIL RIGHTS FOR CIVIL UNIONS! That's what's called for and expected from the Feds. Leave marriage to the churches. The gay community can take away this scary wedge-issue in a heartbeat by stating that that is all they ask for, period. Drop the M word. That seems to be the one that scares the spiritual kiddies witless when the Loons talk about it. The Goopers will lose when they no longer to have the gays to kick around anymore. Probably 80% of the American people could not care less if it is Steve and Don living next door Steve and Donna, as long as they don't paint their house paisley and lower their property values, as if Junior's administration hasn't already done enough damage to last 7 generations.

The poll may also have been susceptible to stacking of online votes by campaigns -- Huckabee won 51 percent of votes of 952 people who voted in person at the conference, and Romney took only 10 percent.

Romney is a vote-stealing scumbag. The Democrats has better beware.

The survey may also help to downplay concerns that Romney may be unacceptable to evangelic voters by virtue of his Mormon religion.

Oh, he is, to many of them. Most evangelicals believe that Mormonism is just short of Islam when it comes to being a false religion. Oh, by he way...they still hate Jews, but know it isn't fashionable, not is it good for one's health; political or otherwise

Late Friday, Romney, who leads state polls in early voting states Iowa and New Hampshire, promised the conference he would hold a White House summit on strengthening families and argued Giuliani was not a true conservative.

Oh god! Giuliani promises a White House conference, just what we bring me to me to our next topic regarding "marriage." Everyone seems to want to protect marriage, except the ones who are given the right to marry by the government. (Does that sound silly or what?)

What's next?

No bi-racial marriage? (Oh, shit. Sorry, that's already been done. That was in the last century. Do wish I could keep up with the various forms of fear and hatred and how thy have manifested over the years, in America.) But, nevertheless, I say, want to get serious about protecting marriage?

Good, I say fine the hell out of divorce, unless one spouse is being abused by the other.

Furthermore, a contract must be filed with the court on the day the marriage is licensed, on behalf of the children of a divorced couple. They will pay childcare until they drop dead and they will have to pay back all the money they got just because they had children. Child tax-deductions should be based on providing a stable family, not a blown-to-pieces family. The government should not care if you are miserable in your marriage. It should only care if there is abuse going on in the household. Nobody promised you a rose garden, Lovey.

"We're not going to beat Hillary Clinton by acting like Hillary Clinton," Romney said, referring to the Democratic front-runner despised by many social and religious conservatives.

But they don't have to worry. The Dems aren't going to win with Hillary either, unless she owns the touch-tone voting machines, this time out.

The run-up to the conference was dominated by reports that grandees of the Christian right are mulling whether to renounce support for any Republican nominee who does not firmly back their crusade to ban abortion.

They won't do that. It would take their power completely away and immediately. That's part of the fun: Jerking Rethugs around, convincing themseles that they are of the greatest importance in American electoral life.

Such a move would would deprive the party of a key political machine, which helped usher Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush into the White House.

The conference took place as a new CBS News poll confirmed religious conservatives are underwhelmed with their 2008 options.

Fifty-one percent of white evangelical voters surveyed wished there were more choices in the Republican field.

Exit polls in 2004 suggested voters prioritizing "moral issues" may have swung the election to Bush over Democratic challenger John Kerry.

That was a stupid question as people vary in their definition of morality. For example, some people believe it is immoral to lie an nation into war, to kill and maim innocent people for oil.

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The Nazis, Fascists and Communists were political parties before they became enemies of liberty and mass murderers.

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