Friday, June 29, 2007

Siegelman gets over 7 years....meanwhile

Karl Rove still has a security clearance and a job in the White House.

Lil Alberto still has a job, which aparently includes running like a little boy from a few hundred protesters, as does Dick Cheney, whose job no one appears to be clear about, except Dick Cheney, but his job does seem to have someting o do with ridding us of that dastardy piece of paper, the Constitution

I'm not saying that Seligman isn't a crook. I'm just saying there are far bigger ones.

Ex-Alabama Democratic Gov. Don Siegelman gets over 7 years in prison.

There is evidence that Siegelman was targeted by Karl Rove in political use of Justice Department prosecutors. Unlike Scooter Libby, Siegelman goes directly to prison without any letters of support from Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman or James Carville.

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The Nazis, Fascists and Communists were political parties before they became enemies of liberty and mass murderers

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